Alison Williamson

Alison Williamson

Cumbria Guru Spotlight: Ruby and Bean

Ruby and Bean are superb. Statement! Fact! Don’t argue with me…

I fell in love with their designs last year, and promptly ordered their Drama Llama sweatshirt. It’s now a staple in my wardrobe; it’s cosy, stylish and, most importantly, it’s Cumbrian. I find their products affordable (they’re not Primark prices, but the company are far more ethical, and you get what you pay for without paying over the odds), on trend and in keeping with my jeans and a top dress code that I employ 99% of the time. I could wax lyrical about Ruby and Bean for hours, so I’ll let their own words speak for themselves instead:


The designs start in the most random of ways sometimes, it might be something we hear, something our kids like or something that we just love. We have designed on Whats App, we have designed on trains and many, many cafes on scrappy bits of paper but they all end up either hand drawn or via the laptop but all end up as a file that gets sent to our Magic Lady who sends the designs back on a fabulous silk screen – we still actually dance when new screens arrive!


When we began Ruby and Bean we both knew we wanted to make something that would last, something that could be thrown in the wash, dried and ironed without fuss…call us lazy but we like to keep things easy!

This led us to how we chose to print our clothes and that was to use silk screens and screen printing techniques which took a while to get our heads round but we are so pleased we went down this road. Is it the cheapest method? NO! Is it the easiest method? NO! Does it create designs that last? So far we have found YES.

There are ways of making the process easier and less ‘hands on’ but where would the fun be in that eh?”

The work and love that goes into each order is something that impresses us here at Cumbria Guru. All that’s left for me to do now is decide on my next purchase!

Find out more about Ruby and Bean on their Cumbria Guru listing or via their website: http://www.rubyandbean.com

If you’re a Cumbrian business owner and would like to be featured on our Spotlight, or would like to collaborate with Cumbria Guru somehow, e-mail Alison, at alison@cumbria.guru.

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