• Sam
    2023-08-23 at 11:23 PM

    A brilliant opening night! My impromptu visit this evening left me wonderfully taken aback by the exceptional caliber and generous portions of the fare. The spread included an assortment of pizza slices – from the classic chicken and vegetarian options to the indulgent meat feast and fiery hot shot varieties. Not to mention the delightful addition of garlic sausage, a tantalizing symphony of flavors. Accompanying this pizza extravaganza were two distinct small bowls of pasta, each proving to be a scrumptious masterpiece.

    The pizzas boasted a thin and impeccably crispy crust that was nothing short of perfection, while the pasta dishes showcased a delectable taste and were masterfully cooked to an ideal consistency. A highlight was the option to generously sprinkle parmesan to your heart’s content.

    The staff were a delight, emanating a genuine warmth that contributed to the overall positive experience. The service maintained a pleasing rhythm, with a steady stream of delectable dishes arriving at our table with impressive regularity. All in all, a truly commendable dining experience that exceeded expectations.

  • Ryan Macdonald
    2023-08-24 at 9:08 PM

    Did we eat at the same place ?? ???? we went to Heidi’s to try the new place and support our local businesses on entry we weren’t greeted we found our own seat there was explanation of what was provided apart from a drinks menu which I’m afraid was a shocker as the beer was off and no gas in the pumps food was very good pizzas were excellent staff tried hard but had no real direction or training but teething troubles can easily be ironed out in time we will be back again to see if improvements have been made ????

  • Andrew
    2023-08-31 at 7:05 PM

    As a new place, we thought we’d give it a try. Having given our drink order at the table, we were directed to the “starters bar”, to choose from a selection, including chips, curly fries, chicken wings and thighs, salad and soup. At the table we got our drinks and paid the bill. The food was £16.90 each. Then the other items started to be brought to the table, bruschetta, then garlic bread, with or without cheese. These were followed by three pasta dishes, and three different pizzas, plus spare ribs. For the price it was good value and we were allowed to choose pizza toppings, but it was quiet when we were in, so not sure if that would be the case at busier times. The staff were friendly and welcoming. There was a separte menu for desserts which were individually priced, but we were full so didn’t try them.
    If you like pasta and pizza this gives you the chance to have smaller portions of different sauces and toppings, instead of just one large pasta dish or one type of pizza. Hopefully it will do well!

  • Katrina
    2023-09-11 at 8:25 PM

    Tried here for a birthday treat, food was delicious and varied, the service was fantastic too, staff were very friendly and inviting, we will definately be visiting again.

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