• Sarah McClean
    2022-07-11 at 11:29 PM

    Being a fussy eater I was always a bit reluctant to try Mizu. Having seen that they just launched a new menu I though now was the time to bite the bullet.

    WOW! The food was so amazing. Something for everyone and I think the price was reasonable for the experience. I will return!

  • Cumbria Guru
    2022-07-14 at 9:24 PM

    We recently visited Mizu Pan Asian Restaurant at the Lodore Hotel near Keswick. Mrs Guru has tried to persuade the fussy Mr Guru for a long time and she finally succeed.

    It was a warm sunny day so a table outside it had to be. The interior of the restaurant was very modern and clean but you can’t beat eating amazing food whilst look at the Lake District surroundings.
    Even though he is a little bit fussy with his food there was plenty on the menu. Mr Guru had the 1 Sticks Platter, Mrs Guru went for the Sushi and Sticks Platter and Mini Guru was all for the Tempura Prawns. A few sides of sticky rice, steamed bao buns and salad added to the experience. It was chance to try our our chopstick technique. Knife and fork available on the table too.

    The food was fresh and tasty and certainly enough to eat. Although Mr Guru would have happily had 2 of each stick. Lemonades and mocktails washed it all down.

    We couldn’t say no to dessert could we? Mr and Mini Guru went for the Chocolate Lava Cake and Mrs Guru went for the Vanilla Crèm Brûlée.
    Service was quick and with a smile and even with a £25 gift voucher the overall cost was reasonable.

    We will be visiting again!

  • Trevor Lightburn
    2022-11-03 at 9:22 AM

    We previously ate at mizu September 2021 and it was excellent.

    We drove from Durham to Mizu at the Ladore to have lunch in September 2022. The food was terrible, no seasoning and totally drab food. We returned the food to the kitchen and the chef admitted that it was below acceptable standard. We were refunded the food and sorry to say that we won’t return.

  • Sam
    2023-08-21 at 11:41 PM

    My favourite Pan Asian Restaurant. Such tasty meals, amazing location and atmosphere!

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