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Mar 07
A Royal Sunday Lunch for Yew and I!

I do love to make a Sunday Roast for the family most weekends. It’s rare that we go…

Feb 23
Aira Force – A Great Morning Out

As a family, we’re all keen on getting out and about in Cumbria more frequently.

Feb 21
Reviewed: Ravenglass Railway Museum

What better way is there to spend a rainy Sunday morning, than with a visit to the…

Feb 17
Cumbria Guru Spotlight: Ruby and Bean

Ruby and Bean are superb. Statement! Fact! Don’t argue with me…

Feb 10
The Weird and Wonderful Cumbria

Quite often I’ll tell people that I’m from Cumbria and I’ll be met with blank stares…

Feb 10
Cumbria Guru Spotlight: Personalise Me Cumbria

I’m always on the lookout for gifts which have that personal touch and that I know my…

Jan 23
A Love Song To My Home

A tribute to the county we call home.

Dec 05
Reviewed: Number 11

We’d been dying to try Number 11 Market Place, a new restaurant in Whitehaven, since…

Aug 24
Reviewed: The Langdale Hotel & Spa

As soon as we decided to stay local, I knew exactly where I wanted to go. The Langdale…

Aug 09
Summer 2018: Family Fun Cumbria.Guru Style

Here is my guide to a summer in The Lakes, which is also our family Bucket List.