Alison Williamson

Alison Williamson

Reviewed: The Langdale Hotel & Spa

Back in January, as we welcomed 2018 and bid farewell to 2017, I was full of plans for ways to celebrate our 10th Wedding Anniversary. Sunning it up in the South of France, or seeing some West-End shows in London. I think at some point I even mentioned Hawaii (obviously, this was our hypothetical and very imaginary Lotto win talking!)… Andrew and I both had a bit of a eureka moment at the same time. Why travel for hours to get to somewhere amazing, when we live in the Lake District, with hundreds of phenomenal places on our doorstep? As soon as we decided to stay local, I knew exactly where I wanted to go. The Langdale Estate.

I’ve been looking for occasions worthy of the cost of The Langdale Hotel for a long time. Our tin wedding anniversary seemed to fit the bill. Now, allow me to be blunt. Our stay didn’t come cheap. Normally, we’re a Premier Inn kind of couple, but we just really wanted a treat as we were having two nights away, child free! We opted for a Langdale Ultimate Room, which, including an amazing breakfast (more on that later), was £480 for two nights… ouch! We also spent £90 per person to use the Brimstone Spa and have a massage. Again, I’ll go into this in more detail later in this post. So, was The Langdale Hotel and Spa worth £660 for three days?

Absolutely! And here’s why… 

Upon arrival, check-in is in it’s own building, the Gateway. It was a welcoming and cosy building, for all it’s grandness for a check in and administrative building. We were given our keys and all of the information that we needed, before heading to Room 105. Our room was in the main building, conveniently above the bar and restaurant. The first impression of our room, which was more like a suite, was one of pure joy. The size of the bed, the two televisions, the lounge area, the free standing baths (one each)! It was unadulterated luxury. Even Mr. CG was impressed, so I knew that it was good! The small touches, like the complimentary water, the comfortable bathrobes and slippers and the stunning Pure Lakes bath products were subtly impressive.

On our first evening we walked to Chapel Stile to experience the local drinks on offer in Wainwrights’ Inn; Loweswater Gold for Mr. CG and a Lakes Distillery Gin and Tonic for me! Delightful! The pub was rustic and everything you would want from a country inn. Be warned, we arrived at 5.30pm and it was completely full for meals- we secured the last two available seats at the bar. I also got a small Sauvignon Blanc and it was £5.95, so go with deep pockets. Our room also had a branded umbrella, which came in very handy as it was pouring down on our first day.

The bed was insanely comfortable. I’m a troubled sleeper usually and I had two wonderfully full nights of sleep. We opted for the buffet breakfast on the first morning, much to the delight of my better half! Fresh and local ingredients, eggs cooked to our liking and good, strong coffee. It was definitely an impressive way to start our day! On our final morning, we opted for room service. The homemade waffles with mascarpone were to die for.

During our stay we visited the Brimstone Spa. We both opted for a Brimstone Signature Massage, focussing on the neck, back and shoulders, which cost £90 (I have included this in the £660 I discussed earlier). This allowed us full day entry into the spa experience, which was simply amazing! The thermal experiences were exceptional, and it’s definitely head and shoulders above any spa that I’ve been to. We particularly enjoyed the relaxation pool and areas (the cosy throws and log fire were subtle touches of luxury). Nothing quite pleased my inner-diva quite like drinking Prosecco in the pool, outside in the forest! Although on first sight, £90 seems quite pricey for a Spa Treatment, when you consider the quality of the whole experience, and the fact that you could be in Brimstone Spa all day, it’s a very fair price.

The Stove Bar and Restaurant was the perfect place to spend our anniversary evening. Firstly, the interior design is first class. It’s modern, but comfortable and cosy at the same time. We were seated by the floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the water mill. The staff were attentive, if not a bit too much so at times, and were very knowledgeable. The menu was the perfect balance between “posh nosh” and “pub grub”. Mr Guru is particularly fussy and he happily managed three courses. It was nice to be in a high-end restaurant which isn’t pretentious. I’m not about 15 courses of tiny meals at all- give me three good courses any day! I need to comment on the Sticky Toffee Bread and Butter Pudding… it was, without doubt, the tastiest and most satisfying desert I have ever had! Kudos to you, Stove Bar and Restaurant!

Ultimately, was The Langdale Estate worth the hype, anticipation, and money? Absolutely! I’d love to be able to visit again… maybe in another 10 years! The Langdale reflects Cumbria perfectly: down to earth, unforgettable and extremely special.

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